Photo of Meaford Fire Department firefighters with DSPA devices. Photo by Chris Fell.

The Meaford Fire Department had some special help when it was able to put out the fire at the Meaford Golf and Country Club without needing to use a single drop of water.

The Fire Department used a new technology called a DSPA device (Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol) to put the fire out at the golf course building. The Fire Department was given two DSPAs – nicknamed “the grenade” or “the bomb” – as part of a pilot project.

In an interview last week Fire Chief Mike Molloy said the technology is so new that only one member of the department – James Marshall – was trained on how it worked.

“James had the training and knew how to use it. He was going to train the rest of us this week,” Molloy explained.


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