Image of a DSPA 12 series aerosol generator.

DSPA 12 Series

DSPA 12-4

Dimensions: 130 x 29 mm (5.12″ x 1.14″)
Total Weight: 650g (1.43 lbs)
Vol. Coverage: 1.07 m³ (37.79 ft³)
Discharge Time: 11-14 sec

Image of a DSPA 12 series aerosol generator.

DSPA  12-4


  • Exceptional effective non-toxic fire extinguishing agent
  • Uniquely easy to install and maintain
  • Approved by EPA for SNAP listing
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (O.D.P.=0, G.W.P.=0)
  • Very cost efficient


Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing units with a thermal starter from the DSPA 12 series are intended to control and extinguish fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels and electrical equipment, including energized ones.

The DSPA 12-4 is also available with an electrical starter that can be connected to a control module.


The DSPA 12 generators are used for fire protection of small volumes (electric cabinets, engine compartments, etc.) and vehicles.

DSPA 12 Series offers:

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Fewer hydrocarbons released into atmosphere, substantial reduction in toxic water introduced into the earth.

Insurance Savings:

By using less water, this will reflect increased savings with reduced loss, live-out expenses and occupant displacement.

Property Savings:

An effective aid in the preservation of homeowner's property and valuables.

Increased Safety

Allows for safer entry, reduces overhaul and promotes safer fire fighting tactics.

DSPA 5-2 aerosol generator
DSPA 5M aerosol generator

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