fire fighter with dspa unit

A thermal imaging camera helped make up the mind of Deputy Fire Chief Rob Shanks of the Rocky Mountain House Fire Department. A temperature of 900° C threatened his crew as he contemplated an interior attack on a basement fire in an Alberta home.

Choosing to deploy a DSPA-5, Chief Shanks watched in amazement as the temperature dropped to 400° C approximately 20 seconds after the DSPA-5 dispersed its powder aerosol. The interior attack followed. The quick action of using a DSPA unit resulted in a $100,000 savings from fire, it was estimated.

“We were very impressed at how fast the DSPA worked and how easy it was to use,” said Chief Shanks. “Every fire department should have one of these.”

DSPA 5-2 aerosol generator
DSPA 5M aerosol generator

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